Nyumba Smart

The product is for those individuals wishing to develop customized drawings which meets their tastes & preference.

The designs are not customized, since we do encourage clients to come with their weirdest home designs which our technical team then perfects into designs.

The following are the features for the Nyumba Smart home ownership product

  • Customised designs;
  • The client chooses all the specifications to be put on the house;
  • Customised landscaping with personal touch on flora & fauna;

The product is ideal when the client wants to blend beauty, tranquility and lifestyle when designing for a home.


Design fee- Kshs.75,000;

  • Finance arrangement fee (if it is constructed through mortgage)- 1% of the loan amount;
  • Construction costs depends on the specifications to be put on the house.

Our Role

  • Drawings & designing;
  • Bills of Quantities & specifications;
  • Arranging for financing;
  • Construction;
  • Interior designing & landscaping;

Why Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited

  • Quality workmanship;
  • Innovative designs;
  • Cheap & affordable construction rates;
  • Mortgage finance arrangements to both employed & business clients;
  • All-inclusive and experienced construction team;

Where  to find us

Mountain Mall,2nd Floor, Room C21 (opposite Garden City)

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0722 721 525 / 0721 292 230/ 0700 345 440

“Making your real estate investment dreams a reality”


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