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Starting a business is not just setting an office, it’s more of the little things which we ignore on a daily basis. I once visited a chemist a tad under weather,

and I got this lady who was supposed to serve me. I greeted her as a normal person would do, but I got this hostile reception that made me regret taking my feet to that chemist.


Sometimes what a customer needs is more than just your service, create a good rapport with the client, put on a welcoming face, and speak nicely to them. This will not only make them want to come back again, but it will make them refer other clients to your business thus boosting its growth.

In companies, especially the reception area needs a jovial person. I know we have all met these ladies or even gents at the reception whose hospitality is wanting. These people will not only scare away potential clients, but will also be part of the hindrances of the company’s growth. The interesting bit is that their bosses know nothing about the employees hostile reception, for they behave like fallen angels to their employers.

The other thing is poor management of finances.

My friend Liz runs a good business of her own, but the business is at the verge of collapsing if not taken care of. Logic will tell you that part of the money earned should go back to the business for it sustenance, but if you neglect this issue, your business will come down crumbling, as it is the case for Liz. You should cultivate the land that feeds you, irrigate it when need arises for good returns. Same thing happens to a business, you do not expect a business that you do not take care of to flourish.

Last but not least is lack of proper planning.

Your business must have a vision and goals that need to be met. Failure to which you’ll be running a business that has no course, thus meandering to any destination along the way. Have a well laid vision for your company. Write both your short term and long term goals. This will give a clear picture of where you want to be in as certain duration of time without wasting time on unnecessary projects.

Written by Mwai Anthony

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