....Pinnacle Heights....

Pinnacle Heights Apartments is a 1 bedroom ensuite apartment conveniently located in Kinoo a few minutes drive from the CBD and about 500 meters from Waiyaki Way
The apartments are most uniquely designed with spacious rooms developed with the modern family setting on mind. They offer prospective owners luxurious living in a homely environment.
It is also an ideal choice due to its close proximity to social amenities e.g Sigona Golf and Country Club, Kikuyu Town, Westlands, Lavington which comprises of big shopping malls and high end estates.
The whole apartment is set to comprise of 17 units in total with 4 units in each floor respectively in a fully developed neighborhood. The apartments are spacious and moderately priced to ensure they are affordable.

Selling Price
The selling price per unit starts from Ksh 3.9 Million and prospective buyer deposits 10% of the purchase price which amounts to Ksh 390,000/- which is payable on or before 7 days after receipt of the offer letter and balance of Ksh 438,750/- payable every month the following eight [8] months.

Prittworld Properties & Mortgage Limited Role

Prittworld is set up to identify and capture investment opportunities through prudent opportunities  in high yielding returns as well as provide quality service delivery to Real estate investors, developers, landlords and home owners. Inclusivity to make Prittworld a one stop shop in providing various and differentiated products and services under one roof have helped our customer achieve the following deliverables   

  • Project Structuring
  • Finance Arrangement
  • Construction Management
  • Lead Marketing &Selling Agents

To ensure quick turnaround in mortgage financing, all the mortgage applications will be carried out through Prittworld Properties &Mortgages Limited

KCB Bank, I &M Bank, Stanbic Bank and Carritas Bank will underwrite the mortgage applications from the buyers.

The Project cost amounts to Kshs 32 Million and the ground breaking takes place on Saturday 20th October 2018.

The apartments which are designed for sale sits on a 100* 100 piece of land, in a fully developed neighborhood

The apartments can either be occupied by the owner or can utilize for investment purposes.

 Project description

17 apartments with 4 apartments in each floor;

Ground floor is designated for parking lots;

Spacious units with plinth area of 55M2;

Security is guaranteed;

Water & Electricity is reliable 24/7;

Selling price: As from Kshs.3.9 million;
Projected rental income/month: Kshs.25,000 per month;

Designated access roads to the main road;
Within a fully developed residential estate;

Mortgage financing available upon payment of 20% deposit;


Title documents
99 years lease documents;

Developing Entity
Pinnacle Capital Limited

Project Managers & Selling Agents
Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited
0700 345 300/ 0700 345 222


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